Set for Ebel Leather Strap
I offer a Set, which is constructed by myself, consist of two special formed rustproof precious metal plate. These Set fit exactly to your own Ebel Lether Strap and protect you investment.

When you take these special Set your Leather Strap will hold a few years longer.

Without the Set:

After a short time every strap look like this:

The strap show an ugly crack, dirt and moisture goes in there and you have the feeling to loose your expensive watch (Pic 1).

Pic 1

By use of the Special Set:

Good job, the crack is closed (Pic 2):

Pic 2

The result ist amazing!

Special Set:

Pic 3

The special formed rustproof precious metal Plates (Pic 3) prevent, that the leather Strap fold or break. Now your nice Ebel looks perfect and you don't need to buy a new leather strap. The special formed rustproof precious metal Plates are manufactured in Germany.


Your Ebel watch can't get damaged!


All Sets come with an International 5 Year Warranty for Function and Quality!


Christoph Schwarz
Pestalozzistr.9 (Street)
33790 (Zip-Code) Halle/Westfalen (Town)